We'll be taking you through how to access your data to get a better feel for your audience, and provide them with the high-quality content that they want to see.

Meet your instructors for this course:

Andy Lambert Director of Growth at ContentCal
Hi, I'm Andy Lambert, Director of Growth at ContentCal!

As Growth Director and one of the founding members of ContentCal, Andy is committed to helping thousands of businesses globally to organize and share better marketing content.

Lynsey Sweales founder of SocialB
Hi, I'm Lynsey Sweales, CEO of SocialB!

As CEO of SocialB, Lynsey has over 19 years of digital marketing experience, and loves nothing more than using her technical knowledge to help global organisations grow their business in international markets. 

David Glenwright JCSocialMedia course on analytics
Hi, I'm David Glenwright, Social Media Trainer at JC Social Media!

A veteran trainer, speaker and consultant, David has helped to not only upskill the staff in over 400 companies including Nando’s, Yodel and Citroen, but has also worked with them to help shape and evolve their overall strategy and approach to digital engagement.

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Use our step-by-step guide on retrieving and making sense of your analytics

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We'll help you make those all-important content strategy decisions based on your results

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Get to grips with the tools of the trade, including Google Analytics