Practical B2B Marketing brings you a series of modules, each focusing on a specific marketing channel activity, leaving you with practical, step-by-step tips on how to achieve B2B marketing success. 

Example Curriculum

Meet your instructors for this course:

David Bain Marketer
Hi, I'm David Bain, Digital Marketing Expert and host of Martech Stacked!

David Bain helps marketers stay up-to-date with the latest tools, tactics and technologies. He published his first podcast in 2006, has authored two marketing books and currently runs Casting Cred, a podcast agency for B2B brands. He's also host of ContentCal's podcast, Martech Stacked as well as Practical B2B Marketing.

Jonny Ross Digital Marketer and SEO expert
Hi, I'm Jonny Ross, Digital Marketing Specialist for Fleek Marketing!

Jonny Ross is a SEO, digital marketing and social media consultant, speaker and trainer. He has worked with clients ranging from SMEs and start-ups, B2C and ecommerce companies, B2B professional services and corporates, through to independent schools, colleges and leading UK business schools. Jonny is currently working as a digital marketing specialist for Fleek Marketing. 

This course is closed for enrollment.

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Get equipped with practical tips on working towards your B2B marketing goal

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Hear from industry experts and lay the groundwork for your success

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Stay up-to-date with the latest software and trends to keep on top of your game